Alebrijes Of Emotion.

Human Interest
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Alebrijes are Magic and Depth.

At the beginning of the last century Pedro Linares, the creator of the Alebrijes, was born.

A cardboard artist by profession, at the age of 30, as a result of a deep sleep caused by an illness, these strange creatures were born, mixing different animals with colors that defied nature.

After this great revelation, Pedro dedicated himself to produce his cardboard Alebrijes that began to become famous and for more than 50 years he worked more than 16 hours a day to produce and export his work until his death at the age of 88.

However, alebrijes were adopted by Mexican culture forever.

Today they are important decorative elements in large hotels, restaurants and lounges that seek to offer a modern Mexican style.

Here in Puerto Vallarta we have many hotels that use Alebrijes to decorate their large halls and waiting rooms.

Tourist welcomes are more joyful with the presence of these works of art elaborated by Mexican hands.

In Mexico City, an Alebrijes parade is held every year, organized by the city's Museum of Popular Art. Since 2007, this event is held with the intention of promoting Mexican Folk Art and Culture. Large pieces that measure up to 4 meters high are exhibited through the streets of the city in a great magical night called "La Noche de los Alebrijes" (The Night of the Alebrijes).

Mexico is a cultural sea where art pieces are produced wholesale, the great diversity of Mexican culture breaks stereotypes and builds intercultural bridges where there are no borders, that is why the Alebrijes are exhibited in New York, Hong Kong or Puerto Vallarta.

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