Arctic Sunrise By Greenpeace In Puerto Vallarta.

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From a Seal Fishing Boat to a Defender of Humpback Whales.

The Arctic Sunrise by Greenpeace was constructed in 1975 by AS Vaagen Verft and registered in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It is a 949-ton Motorship dedicated to traveling to the planet's poles to safeguard the world's natural resources. Its original name is Polarbjorn, and Greenpeace acquired it in 1995. The vessel is currently stationed in Puerto Vallarta.

Before the acquisition by Greenpeace, the ship served the purpose of guiding and protecting seal fishermen. Greenpeace even confronted the vessel when it was in Antarctica, delivering materials to the French government for building a runway in a penguin-populated area. In a strategic political move, Greenpeace launched a campaign against the ship named "Arctic Sunrise Ventures Ltd," using it as a smokescreen to facilitate the purchase of the vessel. Otherwise, the former Norwegian owners would never have sold the ship.

In 1996, the Arctic Sunrise began a campaign inspecting oil facilities in the North Sea before joining the campaign to defend the Mediterranean, a decade after it began in Syria.

The arrival of this ship to the shores of Puerto Vallarta was for the rescue of a humpback whale on October 21st, which was entangled in a fishing net. The Arctic Sunrise's crew successfully freed the whale from the entanglement. At VallartaToday, we appreciate their efforts to protect the life of the Mexican Sea.

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