Breakfast With A Cause

Human Interest
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Prominent Figures Rally to Support "La Gata Foro Bar."

After Hurricane "Lidia" struck, "La Gata Foro Bar," led by Coral Arroyo, was left in ruins, completely roofless. The losses incurred by this Cultural Center exceed $300,000, and, most regrettably, it has directly impacted their source of income. In the wake of these events, the artistic community has undertaken various altruistic activities to raise the necessary funds to get this significant commitment back on its feet.

One of the most compelling events that took place was the "Breakfast with a Cause" organized by Coral's family. This breakfast occurred on Saturday, November 4th and drew a crowd of political figures from Vallarta, members of the teachers' union, and numerous influential artists who have consistently supported the Cultural Center.

"La Gatita is out in the rain," Coral expressed during the event, which, in addition to the payment for the breakfast, featured various raffles with tickets available for purchase on the spot. Guests walked away with pieces of art, bottles of fine liquor, utensils, and decorations.

Among the attendees were the two aspirants for public office in Puerto Vallarta. One of them was Marco Antonio Romero Toscano, who is running for Mayor, and Dr. "Lolita," who is vying for a seat in the State Congress of Jalisco.

Amidst celebrities and accomplished artists, the musicians and circus performers Alejandra and Daniel from the "Tromba Vetusta" group gave a spectacular concert to support Coral. Without a doubt, it was a wonderful experience for all the attendees, who left not only satisfied for contributing to a noble cause but also thrilled to have witnessed world-class artists in action.

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