Los Topos de Mexico True Heroes

Human Interest
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toposfrontt……It was dark. The only light that was visible was the one from the helmet. 

They could hear echoing, coming from a distance, screaming for help. As they followed the sound, they pushed debris left and right. As they were walking, they saw a light that wasn’t from their helmets. It grew bigger and bigger as they got closer to it until at last, they made it out of the fallen building with the victim in their arms. That’s what it would be like if you were to become a member of Los Topos.

Mexico are named the most elite earthquake rescue team in the world. Since 1995, Los Topos have assisted in rescue and recovery efforts in over 22 countries. It was formally organized in February 1996 and has an average of about 40 members plus search and rescue dogs, which they trained themselves. Still today, no volunteer has lost their life on duty. They are, what many people consider, true heroes, risking everything they have for others in need.

I consider Los Topos as my heroes because they showed me the true meaning of courage by rescuing strangers that they never even met till now. They leave their jobs at a moment’s notice to travel across the world, using their own personal money or with private donations, trying to rescue their fellow human beings. They have rescued hundreds of thousands of people trapped under tons of debris, giving them food, and trying to save their lives however they can, risking theirs in the process.

Los Topos have influenced many people around the world. They have taught us not to be selfish; to care for others also. To try to save a life that has barely begun, even if it means losing yours is, to me, what makes a hero.

Source: My Hero