Online Certification, The New Business Of The Industry

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Certifications for professional bicycle repairers.

The new normality post COVID 19 has reconfigured the economic system giving impetus to new ways of working, especially online jobs. But with the return of face-to-face activities, it has been necessary to build a new training system where people acquire the level of professionals in trades that were not previously seen as necessary.

Such is the case of bicycle workshops, which had never offered the security of being certified by any institution, but today there is already an online certification workshop for repair services to be endorsed by an international company.

And like this case, many other trades already have this possibility to enter the professional world, thanks to new technologies that link opportunities with those interested in economic growth.

But the number of companies that are beginning to offer this training is imprecise. It is hard to believe that one can be certified with only 4 months of online study, but it is a reality, the platforms are already operating and they are already selling opportunities with companies that operate from abroad for the benefit of the people of Puerto Vallarta.

Little by little technology opens the paths of progress and the construction of a new world reality.

Human beings are subject to changes and transformations that are detailing their lives. Technology must always help human beings to fulfill their vital function, to serve with values to a higher purpose that protects life in all its aspects.

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