Scholarships For The Well-being Of Benito Juárez Program

Human Interest
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We are now in the registration process for scholarships. Are you familiar with the Prioritization Traffic Light?

The objective of the Scholarships for the Well-being of Benito Juárez program is to contribute to the protection of the Right to Education and human development by reducing the dropout rate through the provision of educational scholarships to children, youth, and adults enrolled in public schools and in a situation of vulnerability.

There is a prioritization traffic light, which is a criterion applied to the BASIC and SUPERIOR scholarships. In Puerto Vallarta, there are only two schools eligible for basic education, located in "La Aguacatera." As for higher education, there are no priority schools, but eligible ones can still apply. To better understand the prioritization traffic light, consider the following characteristics:

Green represents PRIORITY schools, which receive preferential treatment. Students enrolled in schools located in localities with a predominantly Indigenous population or with a high or very high degree of marginalization are likely to receive the scholarship if they fulfill all the procedures.

Yellow represents SUSCEPTIBLE schools, which are public schools with a traditional classroom-based mode of education located outside priority localities. The inclusion of students from these schools is subject to the budget availability of the program, meaning that even if they meet all the requirements, receiving the scholarship is not guaranteed.

Red represents NON-SUSCEPTIBLE schools, which are schools whose students are not part of the target population for the Benito Juárez Scholarships for Well-being programs. Therefore, students from these schools cannot be included in our scholarship programs, and these schools are typically private institutions.

The scholarship for upper secondary education is strictly for all students in general. All public high schools and preparatory schools are considered a priority, so all students enrolled in a public preparatory school, even if they are foreign nationals, are eligible for the scholarship, and the school itself is responsible for uploading the list of deserving students to the platform for financial assistance.

As for scholarships for higher education, students apply for them online. Currently, the platform is only available for priority schools from September 11th to September 29th, and there is no set date for susceptible higher education institutions at the moment.

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