The Beauty Of Inner Silence.

Human Interest
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Inner Peace for Global Peace.

Maintaining equanimity in the hustle and bustle of modern life is a challenging endeavor. Therefore, learning to flow with its fluctuations is important and relevant. Peace is an internal state that facilitates this pursuit.

For this reason, the Neuma Institute Vallarta held the "Principles for Inner Peace" Conference at the Los Mangos Library, conducted by certified facilitator Prócoro Hernández. The conference addressed the significance of managing thoughts, emotions, and actions, particularly freeing oneself from those that are toxic, harmful, or limiting, and redirecting towards compassion, love, forgiveness, service, among others. These are undoubtedly profound and universal principles applicable in various aspects of life: work, family, relationships, social interactions, business, and community.

This event served as a prelude to the celebration of the International Day of Inner Peace, which will be observed on October 27, by the Neuma Institute Vallarta. Peace, as a sanctuary of well-being, requires daily introspection through meditation, enabling more assertive, wise, and efficient responses in daily life, and ultimately leading to a fuller life. This is the true value of its practice.

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