The Green Iguana's Food Supply In Puerto Vallarta Is At Risk.

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Let's Protect the Green Iguanas.

Puerto Vallarta is a municipality rich in wildlife, where green iguanas have been a major tourist attraction. However, due to the increasing development of tourist infrastructure and public services, situations have arisen in the region that are detrimental to land use, resulting in the loss of natural habitats, ultimately leading to a reduction in habitats for the local wildlife.

The Green Iguana is a diurnal, herbivorous, and arboreal reptile. It has a vibrant green color, pointed scales running along its entire back, and a dark band over its shoulders and tail. It is distributed in tropical forests from northern Mexico in Sinaloa and Veracruz, south through Central America, and the northeastern parts of South America to Paraguay and southwestern Brazil. In our state of Jalisco and in our locality, there is limited quantitative information available regarding the biology and status of the green iguana in various locations. Nevertheless, it is a wondrous experience to coexist with this beautiful species.

The significant problem these creatures face is their food supply. An incident was observed where a green iguana was seen eating a plastic bag, which could be detrimental to its health. Green Iguanas primarily feed on tree leaves, grass, fruits, and insects. The close proximity they have to the residents of Puerto Vallarta places a greater responsibility on us to ensure that they are not exposed to plastic products that they might ingest. Human influence has altered the behavior of these organisms, and it is, therefore, necessary to raise awareness and take care of these animals to continue enjoying their beauty.

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