Concert At The Rey De Oros.

Human Interest
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This May 20 a Rock event will be held to raise food for homeless pets.

This is a wonderful initiative! The event promises to be not just entertaining with a line-up of local rock bands but also impactful in addressing the pressing issue of homeless pets in Puerto Vallarta. As mentioned, admission will require a $30 payment and a bag of dog food. The collected funds and food will go directly towards the care and welfare of abandoned dogs.

The Rey de Oros venue is easily accessible, located at Calle Sierra Aconcagua #150 Col. Olímpica, close to SEAPAL Puerto Vallarta. It's set to begin at 7pm on May 20th. It's heartening to see that young people, particularly university students, are leading the charge to find solutions for community issues.

The concert, La Tocada Pal Perro Vol. 4, has been successful in the past, and this edition is anticipated to draw an even larger crowd. Remember, participating in such initiatives is not just about enjoying a rock concert; it's also a testament to your kindness and compassion towards animal life.

Save the date, bring your energy, and join us in this mission to create a more humane society and a better world. Together, we can make a difference. See you at the concert!