UNAM At The Height Of The First World

Human Interest
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Mexico's most controversial university, but with the greatest academic achievements.

The National Autonomous University of Mexico that has the only laboratory in Mexico recognized by the OECD in preclinical testing; the first place in the list of patents granted to higher education institutions granted by the IMPI. It is the University that has a university city, the largest in Latin America.

It also has an academic offer of 132 careers, and more than 100,000 applicants per year who seek to develop their dreams in this institution. With more than 200,000 active undergraduate students today, UNAM is ranked by foreign media as the best university in Mexico.

However, lately it has been the focus of attention due to protests and demonstrations when the requests of teachers and students who demand better treatment and better working conditions as well as important scholarships so that more students can continue to benefit and continue their studies without problems.

In the midst of the controversies, the students continue their development processes and the teachers continue their teaching work because for both of them it is very important the commitment to finish in time and form with the different bachelor's and master's degrees.

Incredibly, the UNAM is a public and autonomous institution that operates with state funds and asks students to pay a recovery fee of only 20 cents per year in any of the careers or campuses. Even so, there are scholarships and facilities such as being able to study languages for only $2.00 per semester.

But the very favorable results of this campus highlight the technical, methodological and creative capacity of the students who have excelled internationally and represented Mexico with very good results. So, even with the controversies and setbacks such as receiving the controversial former president of INE as an academic at UNAM, this continues to be a prestigious house of studies worldwide.