Unveiling Of A Mural Based On Children's Rights

Human Interest
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The mural "Todos los niños, todos sus derechos" ("All children, all their rights") can be seen at the Municipal Palace

Mayor Luis Michel led the unveiling ceremony of the mural "All children, all their rights", which can be admired in the offices of the Civil Registry in the Municipal Palace. The artist Lisa Gonzalez Martinez, who created the work with the help of her sisters and the support of Martha Leticia Parra Vargas, the mural's sponsor, unveiled the mural.

In his message, the Mayor of Puerto Vallarta, Michel pointed out that the joy and happiness are the unforgettable bonds of love, when a child arrives to the family, even before birth, you feel its heartbeat, its affection and when the miracle of life arrives, you go to the Civil Registry with the babies to give them that recognition.

"It is something that we always hope for as human beings, the arrival of the new being to our family, accompanying them during their growth'; which is achieved by always guaranteeing their respect for their rights.

That is why I celebrate having this work, which reminds and enshrines those rights that all children should have, therefore thanked the artist and the sponsor of the mural, for their contribution to this public space.

The artist Lisa Gonzalez Martinez, explained the meaning of the mural she painted, commenting that it was painted in a space where the identity of each citizen is born, the Civil Registry, showing what art does to human beings, by changing what are everyday places, in special places.