Vallarta Garden Club Cultivating Beauty

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A blossoming gateway to knowledge for the Los Mangos Library.

A newly adorned outdoor atmosphere now graces the entrance to the Los Mangos Library. A path of flowers and plants heralds the arrival to a realm of knowledge, art, and culture that is nurtured, cultivated, and flourishes in Puerto Vallarta. What better way to welcome local and international avid readers, as well as those engaging in or creating a diverse range of courses, workshops, and events at the library?

This creation has been brought to life by the Vallarta Garden Club, showcasing their love for this tourist destination in a natural manner: by creating green, flower-filled, and beautiful spaces. Comprised of enthusiastic foreign gardening lovers, they are the custodians and advocates for well-maintained green areas, gardens, and flower beds that contribute to the city's embellishment. They have firmly rooted themselves as creators of urban landscaping, diligently undertaking magnificent work each season (from December to May) through pruning, painting, planting, and providing all necessary care.

This endeavor is made possible by the members, sponsors, and donors of this non-profit association, who year after year rally behind their planned initiatives, infusing color, beauty, and functionality into green areas with dedication and joy. Currently, their focus lies on the old Vallarta area, Isla del Cuale, the Food Bank, and the Los Mangos Library. At the latter, they also revamped the children's play area with fresh paint, much to the delight of kids during sunny Vallarta afternoons.

To volunteer, renew membership, join, or check the activity calendar, visit vallartagardenclub.com. They offer various membership levels, either individual or for couples. As for their social activities, the nearest one is scheduled for December 5th at Oscar's Restaurant at 6 pm to welcome newcomers and conduct the Membership Campaign. Mark the date and keep an eye on events continuing into 2024.

Landscaping, as a creator of atmospheres with ornamental and functional purposes through living, natural, or abstract elements in parks and gardens on both small and large scales, promotes more conscious and healthy lifestyles. These significant reasons call for actions to further expand and harness the harmonizing, uplifting, and aesthetic benefits throughout this flourishing and favored destination in the Mexican Pacific.

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