Access To The Malecon's Boardwalk Will Be Denied

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As part of the prevention measures against COVID-19 the municipal government of Puerto Vallarta calls upon the citizens to celebrate the tradition of the Day of the Dead from their home, and that on Halloween, October 31st, they do not go to the malecón, as it is done every year, in order to avoid possible congregation of people in this space and not to expose their health and well-being.

The deputy director of Civil Protection and Fire, Adrian Bobadilla Garcia, announced that to avoid crowds on the 30'st and 31'st of October Public Safety and Civil Protection staff installed filters at all entrances to the streets that give access to this area. Also, at the height of the hotel Rosita and El Caballito to invite citizens to not concentrate on the place and inhibit the celebration of Halloweenin addition to requesting the use of mask and all health measures. In addition to all these actions, he indicated that he would be complying with the additional measures that the state government would be taking for its due fulfillment. "Until now, our function as a municipality is to invite people not to come to the boardwalk on October 31st so that many people do not accumulate because of the pandemic. To avoid bringing their children, to avoid infecting their children, to avoid bringing their elders, not to celebrate the 31st". 

The official recalled that by decree of the state government, in Jalisco all public events are cancelled on this date, and on Day of the Dead, both municipal authorities and private entities in public spaces all Day of the Dead celebrations from October 31st to November 2nd are completely prohibited. The cemeteries will be closed and the city council will not put up altars as it does every year, it will not put up catrine, that is to inhibit people from coming.