Beaches And City Under Surveillance

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Safe tourists in Puerto Vallarta for the Easter Week period

Elements of the Puerto Vallarta Municipal Police and Traffic Department continue to carry out the preventive security device, which involves actions to dissuade the commission of crimes in the neighborhoods and especially in the tourist strip on the occasion of the Easter holiday period.

One of them is the operation implemented at the entrance to the beaches, where filters were established to prevent the introduction of bottles or glass containers, knives or utensils that at any given time may pose a danger to others.

People's coolers and bags are checked and they are only allowed to enter the beach with plastic or cans, and they are also advised not to drink too much liquor so that they do not get intoxicated or get sick from sunstroke.

During the surveillance tours, headed by Commissioner Fernando Muñoz Ortega, the uniformed officers approached the citizens to orient them with some preventive measures and invited them to use the 9-1-1 emergency number to report any anomalous situation that may arise.


On the other hand, the operation for a Safe Vallarta with Zero Tolerance is being carried out in the tourist zone, which was implemented in the neighborhoods of Emiliano Zapata lower and upper part, beach area, downtown area, parks and public squares, Isla del Cuale, 5 de Diciembre neighborhood, beaches and bridges, managing to secure people for administrative offenses.

In the same way, the operation was carried out in El Pitillal, with the support of the units under the command of the supervisor on duty, in the different neighborhoods of the sector with several people detained for being loud, getting drunk in the street and disturbing passers-by.

In the same way, the agents under the command of the Deputy Director of Operations, Israel García Mosqueda, will continue to carry out surveillance patrols in patrol cars, motorcycles and on foot, with the main task of preventing the commission of crimes and providing support to visitors who require it.WhatsApp Image 2022 04 15 at 5.42.39 PM

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