Businessmen Ask To Take To The Streets, To Demonstrate In Defense Of INE

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INE: a free and autonomous organ of the civil society.

According to Puerto Vallarta's businessmen, experts on the subject, everything indicates that this Wednesday December 14 with a majority vote in the Senate the Plan B of the Electoral Reform will be approved. Therefore, Civil Society must continue demonstrating in a peaceful and orderly manner and inform the population of the meaning that the modification of INE will have.

There is no doubt that in politics our country is being characterized by what several expert voices identify as a surrealistic Mexico.

In the XXI Century, the party in power wants us to return to hegemonic party politics, where before printing the ballots, the whole nation was fully aware of who would win each electoral process.

As in the style of the worst dictators of the 20th Century, where the characteristic of thought was manifested as follows: It does not matter who the citizens vote for, the important thing is who counts the votes.

It took a little more than 30 years for our country to forge an autonomous and independent electoral arbiter, first as IFE and currently as INE.

An arbiter that would guarantee a reliable electoral roll, that would make possible a voting credential, which is not only exhibited at the polls, but has become the identification document par excellence.

An arbiter that guarantees clean and effective electoral processes, processes in which we have seen the transition of power from one party to another, as a rule of a democracy in the process of consolidation.

Whenever an electoral reform has been considered, it has arisen at the request of the parties that have lost the contest, in search of greater equity; that is to say, a level playing field for the parties in the contest.

However, today we are still in a dilemma, with the famous Plan B of the reform to secondary laws that disrupt the constitutional order.

Yesterday, some twenty former counselors of the former IFE and the current INE officially manifested themselves before the MORENA party and the president of the Political Coordination Board of the Senate, Ricardo Monreal, to warn that if the so-called Plan B is approved, the elections will no longer be free and reliable.

Likewise, Coparmex made a strong and forceful statement with the sentence: Plan B threatens the right to have clean elections. The Employers' Confederation expresses its concern about the reforms to the secondary laws on electoral matters and demands an open parliament to discuss the issue.

The Coparmex warns the nation that Plan B "disrupts the autonomy of the electoral bodies, their independence to make decisions in strict compliance with the law and seriously violates their operation, to the extent that it puts at risk to continue having our credentials to vote" and adds that "it compromises the electoral competition and the enjoyment of free elections, free from post-electoral conflicts".

And he synthesizes that this approval means betraying millions of Mexicans and those citizens who marched in more than 50 cities of the country last November 13.

Here in Puerto Vallarta we marched more than 1,400 citizens in a peaceful and voluntary manner, with the purpose of defending our Electoral Institute. Everything indicates that the MORENA party will push through the Reform to the Electoral Law of AMLO's so called Plan B.

This Wednesday, December 14, they intend to strike a blow to democracy with a majority vote in the Senate.

It is for this reason that Civil Society must continue to demonstrate in a peaceful and orderly manner, and inform the general population of the significance that Plan B will have if it is approved.

It is up to us to spread the word about it, let us take to the streets, let us show our defense of INE, which is a free and autonomous body and belongs to Civil Society. "There is no tomorrow, it is now or never".

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