Fishing Tournament Starts In Puerto Vallarta

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Marlin and Tuna categories

The first day of fishing of the 66th Puerto Vallarta International Marlin and Tuna Fishing Tournament, organized by the Puerto Vallarta Fishing Club, which continues promoting the tourist destination in Mexico and abroad, turned out to be excellent.

In the Marlin category the team La Patrona 1, in the boat La Patrona, presented a specimen of 182.200 kilos with 3.23 meters to be the current leader, also presented one of 141.800 kilos with 141.600 meters to also achieve the third place.

Team Casa Danny, in the boat La Matadora, took second place with a 144.400 kg fish with 3.22 meters.

The Tuna category of this important international tournament is deserted for the moment.

In Dorado the Jensen team, in the Calypso boat, presented to the scales a specimen of 10.00 kilos with 1.27 meters long and 57 centimeters contour.

The second place goes to 1+1 in the boat of the same name, with a specimen of 10,000 kilos with 1.27 meters long and 22.05 centimeters contour.

In this category it was necessary to reach a tie-breaker up to the third criterion, which is the outline, and the first place was very hard fought.

In the category of Catch and Release of the Sailfish species, there is a triple tie with the teams El Mexicano Seahunter, in the boat Seahunter; team Valhalla, in the boat of the same name; and team Madtown Angler's, in the boat El Matador, with one catch and release each.

The start will be free starting at 24:00 hours, with the weigh-in closing at 6 pm at the Marina Vallarta boardwalk.