Great Rescue Demonstration

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With helicopters and boats, in front of the boardwalk

The Black Hawk helicopter of the Mexican Navy, from the Eighth Naval Zone of Puerto Vallarta, landed in the ocean simulating a rescue of people in danger at sea.

Last Saturday, elements of the Navy performed a rescue demonstration in front of the Malecon beach, in front of the tourists and residents who were at that moment in the arches of the Malecon, where they first demonstrated canines with special skills, trained for different Navy operations.

As well as the demonstration of rescue of people at sea, where there were also several boats of the Eighth Naval Zone of Puerto Vallarta, supporting the rescue that was performed where people are observed at sea, in distress, for which the helicopter arrives quickly and Navy elements go down to rescue people.

While they analyze the condition of the patients, the helicopter remains in the area and is supported by other Navy vessels. Once they coordinate through radios to make a decision, and then they decide it will be the rescue so the helicopter approaches again and drops the ladder to the sea, where the Marines tie the people and take them to the helicopter putting them to safety, and then the helicopter is withdrawn.

It is worth mentioning that the life-saving operation of the Mexican Navy plan was a complete success, a spectacle that the people enjoyed very much.

They did it perfect, so at the end of the rescue and the helicopter was removed, people applauded and thanked the Marines for their excellent work, so they commented to this media to feel very safe to be visiting this city, besides admiring the team of boats, because before the helicopter arrived there were demonstrations of how fast they come to the rescue and boats that have great speed and stability.

The Navy helicopter is a Sikorsky UH 60 M Black Hawk utility helicopter, belonging to the Mexican Navy, with Machine ANX-2304. It is U.S. manufactured, navy gray in color with black titlesWhatsApp Image 2022 04 12 at 9.48.16 PM 1

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