High Swell Has Provoked Incidents Due To Disregard Of Sea Conditions

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The high swell has caused incidents due to not paying attention to indications

Due to the high swell that has been occurring during this week, which is very noticeable in the Malecon area in Puerto Vallarta, where you can observe the sea and the high waves hitting the tiles of that particular area, due to the cold season weather, it is important not to enter the ocean until the weather conditions improve.

According to forecasts, the days with high waves will continue.

Gerardo Castillon, director of Civil Protection and Firefighters, recommended the population in general and visitors not to enter the sea in these conditions and to heed the indications of the personnel of the agency in charge, red flags have been installed in the area of Olas Altas, Palmares and Marina Vallarta, which are the most impacted, and will remain so depending on the weather, they are climatic changes that occur and alter the swell".

He informed that there have been 18 incidents, particularly during the last weekends, due to the fact that people do not respect the indications.

The high swell causes rip currents, which generate many problems, it is important to always heed the recommendations of the water rescue personnel that are on the beaches, they know the sea conditions.

Also i formed that you can access the social networks of Civil Protection and Firefighters, where the weather is reported, favorable or unfavorable conditions to avoid accidents, as well as rescue of people.