Hotels And Companies Offer Vacancies In Vallarta

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There is a strong demand for workers

Last Thursday the "First Employment Fair of the Tourism Sector Puerto Vallarta 2022" took place at the Malecon, where 30 companies of the sector offered more than 1,600 vacancies, a program promoted by the National Employment Service (SNE) mainly in the beach tourist destinations, which face a serious labor shortage problem.

Ludwig Estrada Virgen, Municipal Director of Tourism and Economic Development, mentioned that tourism is one of the fundamental pillars of our economy and the livelihood of Vallarta's families depends directly and indirectly on it.

He thanked the National Employment Service of Jalisco for promoting these spaces where private initiative and society benefit from the results, with participating companies and the SNE's labor exchange carrying out their processes and providing information of potential interest to job seekers.


Martha Ibarra Amarillas, deputy director of Business Development, emphasized that there is still a lack of labor in the region, hence the joint effort of different agencies to make people, especially young people, aware of the importance of giving certainty to their future by creating an asset through a source of employment.

José Luis Jaramillo Reyes, general director of the National Employment Service in Jalisco, emphasized that the three levels of government contribute to the job fair for the benefit of the citizens and the 30 companies -most of them hotels- that offered 1,605 vacancies, with salaries ranging from 7,000 to 20,000 pesos per month.

He thanked the municipal government for its support and emphasized that "Puerto Vallarta is a clear example of good work and of looking out for its citizens".
He emphasized that labor is a problem that exists in the country and particularly in the state of Jalisco, with more than 40 thousand vacancies, which represents a third of the national level according to the Employment Portal, and on the other hand, informality amounts to about 48 percent.