How To Protect Wood In Puerto Vallarta.

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One of the major threats to wooden furniture in Puerto Vallarta.

Puerto Vallarta boasts an exceptional environment for animal life, but it also provides a habitat for insects, which are abundant in the region and play an essential role in controlling occasional pest infestations in the community. However, wooden furniture, as well as decorations and utensils made of wood in homes, are often the most adversely affected.

To safeguard furniture, it is crucial to acquire knowledge about insects that feed on wood and easily reproduce, causing significant concerns. Heat, humidity, and poor ventilation at home can facilitate the incubation of eggs or larvae, leading to a real problem.

Woodworm is the common term for the larva of various species of beetles that burrow into the wood used in beams, furniture, chairs, paneling, and more. They create galleries that damage the piece and produce a characteristic powder or sawdust called "quera." The life cycle of woodworm begins when the female beetle deposits her eggs in the cracks of the wood. If there is already a woodworm infestation, they can lay their eggs in existing holes; otherwise, on new wood, woodworm deposits eggs in any crack or crevice. Woodworm larvae never lay their eggs on the surface, as they would be exposed and unprotected; they always do so inside the wood. A few weeks after egg-laying, the woodworm larva emerges, starting to feed on the wood through tunnels and galleries.

Understanding this is essential for detecting the presence of these larvae. Tapping the wood and listening to the sound can reveal whether it is hollow or has imperfections. Then, suitable products to combat these insects should be sought at hardware stores and specialty shops. These products typically have treatments applied to the wood, which should be cleaned first, then sanded, and finally treated. Cover the furniture with a bag to allow the product gases to eliminate the insects and, ultimately, apply a protective finish.

By following these protection protocols, we can always enjoy furniture in perfect condition with long-lasting durability.

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