Los Muertos Beach Fishing Tournament Ends

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A total of 130 boats participated from the United States, Canada and Mexico.

This past weekend a fishing tournament was held in Playa Los Muertos. The organizers of this event informed that during the dorado catching competition, local, national and foreign boats from the United States, Canada and México competed to catch the dorado fish in the bay.

Thus, on Friday November 4th the registration of the boats with their corresponding crews took place, and on Saturday November 5th the tournament began, where captains and boats went out to sea to compete to catch the largest specimens of this marine species in the waters of Puerto Vallarta, in front of the bay.

The departure of the fishermen was in the area of the Los Muertos pier, as well as the arrival of the boats with their prey.

As every year, before the pandemic, this tournament has been one of the favorites in this area, where participants give away the catches of this golden fish, which is cooked in a very special way, to be shared with the Vallarta community of that area.

On this occasion only the dorado was caught, since as the organizing committee informed through Sergio Gutiérrez, the capture of the Vela and Marlin fish was discarded, in order to protect this marine species.

This species seems to be scarce, for now, since it is known of its diminished existence in the bay, since two years ago, just after the pandemic, since it is said that its reproduction time is approximately 5 to 6 years, to reach a large size, in the case of the Marlin, it is 200 kilos, and in the Vela fish 35 kilograms.

The boat "La Patrona" won first place with a dorado weighing 10,100 kg. And a prize of 200 thousand pesos. The second place went to "Maestro Limpio" with a 9,700 kilograms specimen and a check for 100,000 pesos, and the third place went to the boat "La Joya", with a dorado weighing 9,200 kilograms.

At the end of the tournament, the organizers distributed 200 kilos of fish stew among the public, who celebrated this tournament in great style.

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