More Than 50 Thousand Hatchlings Released

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Turtle nesting on beaches is important for the ecosystem.

Since the beginning of the sea turtle nesting season, more than 50 thousand hatchlings have been released to date.
According to ecological authorities.

The release of turtle hatchlings has become an attraction for tourists, who enjoy holding a turtle in their hands, and then take it to the sea.

The nature of this species is to look for the moonlight to go to their destination, so the ideal time for the release is when there is a full moon, since it reflects the light on the water towards the sea.

During the nesting season, turtles come out to lay their eggs on the beaches, so it is important to notify the authorities immediately if you see a marine species that comes out to lay eggs at night, in order to avoid the theft of the eggs.

Sea turtle eggs should be kept in a safe area to protect them from birds and predators.
Authorities are calling on the public to raise awareness about the care of sea turtles.


The release was reported at the Holi beach, where about 100 people attended, who had the opportunity to enjoy this unique experience. The release of this specimen was done after 7 pm, to avoid natural predators such as seabirds.

Authorities of the environment, emphasize the importance of this marine species for the conservation of the same, and the important role it has in the ecosystem.

There have been several reports.

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