No Swimming At Night At Boca Negra Beach Is Requested

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Due to the recent attack on foreign tourists

The beaches of Marina Vallarta and Boca de Tomates are not the best option for swimming, especially at night, since they are areas close to the crocodile habitat, thus increasing the danger of swimming close to a crocodile that could be hunting for food, increasing the possibility of an unwanted encounter with the species.

The Puerto Vallarta Municipal Civil Protection Unit asked tourists and locals not to visit the beaches, especially the Marina Vallarta beach at night. Experts emphasized to pay attention to the warnings on the hotel beaches, informing that these are areas inhabited by crocodiles, which move frequently and more regularly during the rainy season and at night, when they are not visible to humans.

There have been several reports where people have been attacked by crocodiles, most of which have survived the attack, however, unfortunately, there have been cases where the reptiles have killed their victims.

This call is made due to the recent attack of the American tourists, who were injured after being attacked by a crocodile on the beach closest to the Boca Negra estuary, in the Marina Vallarta development.

The report was attended by personnel from the Civil Protection Unit of Jalisco and the Civil Protection Unit of Puerto Vallarta, who attended to two men from the American state of Colorado, who were staying at a hotel near the attack.

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