Olas Altas Market, With More Than 95 Shopping Options

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Located in the heart of the Romantic Zone in Vallarta.

This morning tourists and residents visited the market in this part of the city of Puerto Vallarta to purchase some product according to their needs.

The offer is very varied and the buyer can choose from a great variety of products, among which food, sculptures, jewelry, utensils and even some detail for your pet stand out.

The Olas Altas Market opens every Saturday, so from very early in the morning, tourists can be seen at the different stands; since the great variety of products makes it very attractive to visitors, who like to shop in this part of the port.

What makes it attractive is the different offerings offered to the public, where each stand handles a different theme and the rule is not to have the same products.

This concept has been in place for several years, and has been very successful because the quality of what is offered is taken care of and the merchant has to follow a line of requirements to be able to comply with the regulations, which are carried out by the administration in order to qualify and continue with their space.

Some food stands handle organic food, and gourmet food for all kinds of tastes and countries, according to their food.

It is advisable to carry a bag to keep the products you buy, because there are also very varied and very select fruits, of good quality, at reasonable prices, and it is important to take into account the time to go through all the stands carefully.

The stipulated schedule is in the morning at 9 am, until 2 pm. approximately.