The Lovers' Bridge In Puerto Vallarta.

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A love story for the world.

In the 1960s, director John Houston chose Puerto Vallarta as the perfect setting for his film "The Night of the Iguana," capturing international press attention for our beautiful Puerto. Both he and the lead actor, Richard Burton, fell in love with the destination. Thanks to this film, Puerto Vallarta's popularity soared, transforming the lives of local fishermen. Rural life gradually gave way to a more urban lifestyle with significant constructions to meet the demands of the millions of tourists who still visit our home today.

The romantic part of the story dates back to when Richard Burton gifted Elizabeth Taylor a house connected to his by a bridge as a birthday present for her 32nd birthday, and since then, it has been known as the Lovers' Bridge.

It all began when the famous couple fell in love during the filming of "Cleopatra," and their attraction continued. In "The Night of the Iguana," love was once again present as the film was shot, turning the backdrop of Puerto Vallarta's beautiful beaches into a dream come true.

The personal drama intensified because both were married; Elizabeth Taylor to Eddie Fisher, and Richard Burton to Sybil Williams. However, this did not prevent them from escaping together to the passionate clouds of adventure and enjoyment. Richard Burton was often seen with his beloved Liz on the streets of the town of Puerto Vallarta. As a testament to their profound love, Richard gifted Liz the beautiful mansion with a bridge inspired by the Bridge of Sighs in Venice, connecting the houses of the lovers.

Today, the house has been transformed into a hotel that opens its doors to offer exclusive services to tourists who wish to learn about the historic love story between Liz Taylor and Richard Burton.

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