The Presence Of A Crocodile Inhabiting The Cuale River Is Reported.

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Civil Protection authorities go to the site

Yesterday afternoon, Civil Protection firefighters received a report of the presence of a crocodile in the waters of the Cuale River, so they went to the site on the bridge from north to south side, to carry out its capture. It is a medium sized crocodile, which has been living in the riverbed for some time, so it was immediately identified.

Upon arrival, the authorities began their search, scouring the areas of the river.

It is worth mentioning that yesterday and Saturday, hundreds of tourists have swum in the sea and national tourists swim these days in the river with the crossing of the sea, so the authorities went immediately. Fortunately he was no longer in the place, so he could have been seen by people for a few minutes and then retreated to an area towards the river. Fortunately there was no incident, only the crocodile sighting.

Civil Protection authorities recommend that if a crocodile is sighted, report it immediately, never attack it, since it is its habitat and its nature is to inhabit the rivers.

It is worth mentioning that after hurricane "Nora", a crocodile appeared in the sea near the pier, so it could be the same one, after the Fire Department of Puerto Vallarta told this media that the crocodile has already been identified and has a good size, so there is a possibility that it has grown with time, since it was very small at that time.croc in cuale river

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