Tourist Arrivals Continue To Rise

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Tourist arrivals to Vallarta continue to rise.

This weekend different events will be presented in Puerto Vallarta as part of the October activities, a month that has seen an increase in the arrival of national and international tourism.

Ludwig Estrada Virgen, Director of Municipal Tourism, informed that the arrival of tourists, whether by land, sea or air, has been constant.
This weekend air tourism has been very high, which shows that it will be a good start for this season.

He also commented that the activities that have been programmed have been with the objective that the tourist has something to do or enjoy during their stay in this city.

He also mentioned that there has been an increase in the arrival of cruise passengers, who come on cruise ships, with capacity for a greater number of tourists, which is reflected in a greater number and a more feasible economic spill.

In a single day up to three cruise ships arrived, plus one that was anchored at sea, this increase is the result of the support that the cruise ships received during the pandemic with the support in maintenance and services that were provided to them.

He informed of the arrival of more tourism to the airport as well as the conventions that have been taking place in the month of October, which has even exhausted the capacity of the hotels.

It is expected to further increase the arrival of foreign tourists in the port.

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