Vallarta Is Contemplating The Arrival Of More International Tourism

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It will begin this week

Puerto Vallarta starts the year with a high number of visitors positioning itself as one of the favorite beach places for national and international visitors.

As every year, national and international tourists are received during the Christmas and New Year's season. Tourists have chosen this city as they have done on previous occasions, especially this year when the pandemic of the coronavirus has been contained.

The results were faithfully reflected in the past New Year's holiday period, in which Puerto Vallarta was the tourist destination with the highest level of occupancy in Mexico, above Cancun and Los Cabos, which is reflected in the economic improvement of all the inhabitants who work day and night to offer quality services.

In addition, the beginning of the year 2023, which has been reflected by the large number of tourists who enjoyed and continue to enjoy these beaches that they like so much, has been very good.

The first two days of the year were at 100%, the occupancies in the hotels and were lowering little by little was reduced to 85%, and from Friday 6 to Sunday 8 rose to 88-90 percent, plus the destination received six international tourist cruise ships.

This week could be reduced due to the fact that it is the return to school for many, so a natural decrease in occupancy could be perceived, since classes have resumed throughout the country at the basic levels of education. "This week nine cruise ship arrivals are expected, so we will have a great economic spill in the tourism sector".

The flow of international visitors persists and it is anticipated that in the second half of January there will be an increase in hotel occupancy and from then on it will remain at very good levels for at least three more months.