“Water Gala” Held At The Malecon Arches

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Event held for World Water Day 2023

Vallartenses and tourists participated in activities in reference to this important day, to join in the tasks of water care.

During the commemorative week, different activities were carried out with Vallartenses to raise awareness of water care.

The celebration began with the “Caravana de Gogo”, an activity in which a number of people walked from the Agustin Flores Contreras Sports Unit, accompanied by a “caravan of cars,” to the traditional open-air venue.

During the event, Seapal Vallarta performed a “Water Musical” by a group of boys and girls from the Beto Sampere’s academy. The Gala continued with a “Fashion Show” with recycled materials by the renowned Russian designer Larissa Katz, an example of environmental sustainability.

The event closed with the awarding of the winners of the Sculpture Contest for high school students, as well as the “transformArte en Agua” urban mural contest for artists and creators.

Mayor Luis Michel, Janeth Lorena Palomera Gil, administrative director of the agency, and other personalities were present.

The event brought together tourists and locals who participated in the activities learning and at the same time enjoying the activities carried out for this meeting for the World Water Day 2023.

The parade was announced from the boardwalk and attracted the attention of national and international tourists, who at that moment were passing through the place, who took pictures of the event.