Puerto Vallarta In The Pink: Embracing The Rose Trend

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The Rose Hue Takes Over Puerto Vallarta with Style

It's fascinating to know that since January of this year, it was already predicted that pink would be the dominant color for this season. Various fashion magazines had forecasted a pink summer trend, but we never imagined it would become a massive worldwide phenomenon.

We must not overlook the fact that the strongest influence behind this exaggerated pink trend has been the immense popularity of the movie "Barbie," which has become the most successful film of the year. However, both men and women have heeded the call of the global elites and showcased their best pink attire to join the trend.

As a result, every shopping plaza in Puerto Vallarta is adorned with incredible decorations featuring spectacular roses. Each store has taken on the creative task of showcasing their best pink facades, all dressed in pink.

Even the cinemas have set up their stands to promote their highest-grossing film and welcome people with balloons and decorations, encouraging them to attend dressed up to watch the movie of the moment. Some participate out of empathy, others for amusement, some to follow the commercial fashion flow, others to support women, and some may not even know why, but most agree that pink is dominating the Vallartan life to highlight the role of women in society.

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