Race Against Breast Cancer

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The race took place this Sunday in Puerto Vallarta.

In the framework of the International Day for the Fight Against Breast Cancer, this Sunday was held the 5 kilometer race commemorating this date, in which women of all ages participated, organized by the Municipal Women's Institute (IMM), in coordination with the Municipal DIF System, the Municipal Institute for Youth Care (IMAJ) and the Municipal Sports Council (COMUDE).

The objective of this sporting activity is to raise awareness among the population about the importance of early detection, in order to improve the prognosis and survival of cases, which remains the cornerstone of the fight against this disease, which represents the leading cause of death in the female population worldwide.

At the inauguration and start of this race, was the president of the Municipal DIF System, María de Jesús López Delgado, who pointed out the importance of promoting prevention even more, as the key that will make the difference to be able to save many lives.

"It is necessary for every woman to know the importance of self-exploration and to perform exams to detect any abnormal lumps. I invite them not to be afraid; there is no better opportunity to detect breast cancer than with the proper studies," she said.

He asked women to continue to get involved in these campaigns that add up to important points in the daily fight of all those who suffer from this situation and go through difficult times, and he endorsed the commitment of the welfare agency in these actions.


The director of the Municipal Women's Institute, Maricela Joya Camacho, thanked everyone for their participation in this event, which represents the women who are fighting against this disease, who are receiving treatment (chemotherapy) and to whom she expressed her respect and admiration.

He reiterated the call to constantly self-explore themselves and to have screening exams, without waiting to present symptoms or feel bad.

At the inauguration and start of this race commemorating October 19, which was attended by girls and boys, as well as some men, were also the councilwoman Claudia Alejandra Iñiguez Rivera; the director of the Municipal DIF, Roberto Ramos Vázquez and Bryan Rodríguez Bernal, coordinator of the IMAJ.

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