The Eighth Reading Fair Has Begun In Puerto Vallarta.

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More books to enrich Vallarta's culture.

This year has started with a lot of cultural activity, which is excellent because there is nothing that improves and beautifies a city more than culture and art. In this case, we will focus more on literature, which, although not very common in the city, still has a large number of enthusiasts who regularly visit the Los Mangos Library to interact with other readers. Also noteworthy is the presence of the city's Community of Poets and Writers, who will meet this Monday, the 29th, at 6 pm at the Los Mangos Library.

It is very pleasing that the Vallartense Institute of Culture in Puerto Vallarta organizes this Reading Fair, which has become an opportunity to closely engage with prominent Mexican and foreign authors. Signing books, listening to different lectures, and attending presentations of wonderful books contribute to creating an intellectual atmosphere in Plaza de las Armas entirely in favor of literature.

Within the program of the Eighth edition of the Reading Fair in Puerto Vallarta, attendees can enjoy activities that the Institute has scheduled for everyone, including workshops, book presentations, crafts, book sales, storytelling, famous authors' narratives, reading marathons, and more.

The Fair began on January 25th and will end on February 5th, with a schedule of activities from 10 am to 9 pm every day. It will feature authors such as Carla Faesler, Amaury Salvador Correa Valdéz, Erik S. Ramírez, Miguel Martín, Alejandro Rozado, Ramiro Padilla, Emmanuel Vizcaya, Bladimir Tapia, Diego Espíritu, Luis Javier Platas Ruelas, Horacio Warpola, Rubén Zatarain Mendoza, Juan Carlos Capetillo, Jesús Rocha, Tonatiuh Aguilar Gutiérrez, Oiram Cárdenas, Fidel López Delgado, Antonio López García, among others. Additionally, there will be live music and the presentation of our local authors Juan Azuara and Daniela Ruelas.

The meeting point is Plaza de Armas Ignacio L. Vallarta, in the Centro neighborhood, just outside the Municipal Presidency of Puerto Vallarta and in front of the Malecón Arches. It is time to experience culture as if it were a grand celebration, meet authors in person, socialize, listen to concerts, attend exhibitions, and get autographs for your books. Cheers!




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