The Transformation Of Yoga Since Its Arrival In Puerto Vallarta.

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Yoga and other Eastern disciplines deeply ingrained in the lives of Vallarta residents.

In 1980, only a few people practiced Yoga, some were vegetarians, and even fewer were interested in the messages of the stars in outer space, commonly known as astrology today. However, times have changed, and the influence of these disciplines has transformed the lives of Vallarta residents, going through periods of significant influence across all social classes, and later becoming accessible primarily to a privileged sector.

Initially, teachings were offered to people from all walks of life, with classes for both the affluent and the less fortunate. However, as time passed, the more popular disciplines began to increase their prices, and instructors sprouted everywhere. Eventually, everything changed when upscale spaces were built in hotels and spas, offering "Certifications" that turned these practices into exclusive classes affordable only for those who could pay, accompanied by instructors trained with international certifications.

The same evolution has occurred with acupuncture, tai chi, and Ayurveda. The industrialization and commercialization of Eastern philosophy have diverted these disciplines from their original purpose, although they remain highly beneficial for those who practice them. This is why they continue to be popular, even though they have become reserved for the elite. Hopefully, with compassion, the teachings will become more accessible to those who cannot afford to pay for the development and balance of their spiritual selves.

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