Vampi, From The Streets To The Heart Of The Town

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The street musician who serenades Puerto Vallarta.

Fabio Hernando Torres Ramirez, better known as "Vampi," acquired his nickname from a unique story during his teenage years. He spent five years living in a tree, carefully positioning his feet among the branches to prevent falling. One day, during a party, he fell asleep and ended up hanging from a branch. The attendees jokingly referred to him as a vampire, and eventually, he became known simply as "Vampi."

Twenty-four years ago, he began playing music on the streets for amusement and to uplift the spirits of people. For a considerable period, he worked as a living statue on the boardwalk, creating music with his fingers and mouth through the art of "Beatboxing." However, as different government administrations changed, the lives of street performers became increasingly challenging. Eventually, permits for street artists were no longer granted, and he even claims to have spent seven months in jail for practicing his Street Art.

Nowadays, with greater maturity, he faces life differently. Apart from merging his artistic pursuits with a timeshare sales job, during his free time, he boards buses with his drum to showcase the songs that emerge in his mind. Many of these songs revolve around his community, Puerto Vallarta, his personal experiences, the heartaches in his love life, and his triumphs as a social advocate. He criticizes and points out the shortcomings of various governments, emphasizing the importance of promoting high-quality popular culture and challenging the superficial values of the commercial world.

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