A Dogs New Life AC Bucerias Dog Shelter

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There is a very new shelter that has been assisting with the dogs in the bay area since July of 2019. The shelter name is A Dogs New Life A.C. (ADNL) and they have been rescuing and assisting the community with the health and welfare of their pets.


Sadly, the Bay of Banderas has too many dogs who have been abandoned, abused, starving, and are in need of medical care.  Several of A Dogs New Life rescues are medium to large dogs that are not easy to find foster homes for.  A shelter is the only option for them.  ADNL is committed to helping in our area through our rescue, community, and street programs.

Rescue and Rehome:  ADNL rescues injured, abused, and abandoned dogs.  Those that are not placed with our foster volunteers are housed at the shelter until they are adopted into loving families.  In April three litters of puppies were abandoned outside the shelter.  Most of them are in foster homes and a couple in the shelter.  We also recently took into our shelter Canelo, a Weimaraner type dog who has been hit three times by a car.  His back end is now paralyzed, and we have been doing everything we can to help him with water therapy, electrotherapy at Valle Dorado Vet, and buying a wheelchair for him.   His new kennel is in our brand new kennel building, his kennel is concrete with tile to ensure that his legs can slide easily while he moves around.


Community:  There are situations where the family loves their dog and the dog clearly returns that love but, unfortunately, the family cannot afford food and vet care.  ADNL assists these families by providing food and veterinary services. We continue to monitor the dog as we educate the family on responsible dog care.  We recently help Amada who is a housekeeper in Punta Esmerelda.  She rescued a street dog but realized it needed vet care for his leg.  Manchas required x-rays and surgery and ADNL assisted and paid for that process.  Currently, little Bruno with TVT of the mouth has had 3 chemotherapy treatments and is looking so much better. Without continued donations for our shelter and programs, we would not be able to make the impact that we have been.

Street Dog Initiative: We identify and monitor street dogs so that we can vaccinate, deworm, and apply flea and tick medication. Additionally, we encourage small businesses to place dog food and water outside of their businesses.  With our street dog initiative, we realize that we cannot take every dog from the street, but we can help with fixing a broken leg and Bravecto for mange.  Pedro lives at the Agave Azul neighborhood construction site and had a broken leg.  We took care of his vet care and return visits to check and replace the cast as required while Pedro stayed at the construction site.


We have now completed the process of moving to the new land that was been donated to us just outside of Bucerias and we have completed our first building.  It has a concrete pad, a roof, and 10 kennels have both inside and outdoor space.  Before starting the building, our ADNL board toured the SPCA building for ideas and support.  They were wonderful to us and introduced us to everyone that could answer all our questions about the SPCA shelter.

Along with the kennel building, we have a section of five kennels that are 4m x 4m and two larger kennels for bigger dogs.  We have a completely fenced in play area to throw balls for the dogs and let them run around.  We have a water system to ensure freshwater multiple times daily for the dogs and are currently installing the new bathrooms and composting toilet system.  All completely done with donations and volunteer help from our supporters.


We are always happy to show off our dogs and we have many available for adoption.  People are very welcome to get in touch and come and walk some dogs or get involved in other ways.  If anyone wishes to assist with a donation they can go to our website and find the way to donate that suits them best.