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In the last few months, it's been an extremely busy time for the shelter.  There have been non-stop calls, texts, DM's to our Facebook page, and WhatsApp messages notifying us of dogs in need. 

In the last month, our shelter has committed to looking after over 90 dogs, 23 of which are young puppies who require all the vaccinations, and sterilization as well as months of care and food.  We have helped those in the community that loves their dogs, but do not have it within their means to pay for chemotherapy for their dog, or x-rays, or even simple vaccinations and tick and flea medicine.

We have Dobi whom they think was bitten by a snake and his skin has just sloughed off, he requires constant care to ensure he doesn't get an infection and requires daily bandage changes. Cacho was rescued from San Jose and had to have part of his leg amputated.  We are going to get him a prosthetic for him and therapy when he is well enough.  Callejas was attacked by a big dog and broke his back.  We have been working with him doing water therapy, but it doesn't look like he will regain full use of his legs.  Juanito was found on the side of the road in Bucerias and had been hit by a car.  He also currently can't use his back legs but has been making little improvements with the water therapy.  Wonderful supporters of A Dogs New Life have provided us with belly bands, drag bags, and we have a little wheelchair coming for him.



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Adopt a Dog

We have a shelter full of wonderful dogs that are ready for adoption, lots of medium to large size as these are the dogs that seem to be abandoned at a terrible rate.  Many of them "in the bones" as Jessica would say, but just right out starving to death.  After a couple of months of love, food, medicine, vaccination, and sterilization they are ready to be adopted.  We also have 23 puppies who will be ready in about 6 weeks.  But we are always looking for foster homes if you might be interested in trying a foster to adopt for any of the dogs.  Please let us know.


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Go to our website to see all the dogs available.


Tragically, also these past months we've rescued some dogs too late for us to help them but gave them all the love and care we could before they passed.  Our one consolation being that they did not die suffering on the streets, and did know some love and care for their last days.  Including Dexter, Papacito, TinTan and Hercules RIP little pups, always in our hearts.


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International Adoptions happening again.

Some very good news, however, is that the planes have started to fly again, and we have been able to find some of our dog's new homes in the USA and Mexico.   So far from October, we have had Peluca, Zoe, Winnie, Chispa, Beans, Olaf, Ozzy, Nasa, Ziggy, and April.  It's so satisfying to see the dogs off living wonderful new lives and it's always so wonderful when the new adopters share their photos of their new family member setting into their forever homes.

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Go Fund Me - Fencing Project

Our latest fundraiser is to purchase and have installed chain link fencing around the perimeter of the shelter.  The shelter is 6,000 square meters outside of Bucerias.  Since we started building in March/April of 2020 we have done quite a bit of construction.  We have a building with 10 kennels and another freestanding 5 kennels that can be dismantled and moved as our need to change going forward.  We also have 2 large size kennels that are for the bigger dogs and our seniors.  We installed a water system with Tinaco's with a pump and generator.

Now that the shelter is up and running and new dogs arriving every day, we have found that the new rescues take some time to adapt to being at the shelter, and some of them try and escape.  We have been able to find some of them, but we have not been able to find a couple.  It's so heartbreaking to rescue a dog from the street and then find that it has escaped the kennel and then the property.

Fencing the perimeter of the property will provide secondary security for the rescued dogs.  Even if they are able to jump, dig, or worm their way out of a kennel they will not be able to get out of the shelter land.

We have created a Go Fund Me specifically to pay for the fencing which is around $4,000 USD for the perimeter fencing that's required.  Please consider a donation for this worthwhile project.  A Dogs New Life has done everything we can to continue to support the community and other rescues by taking in dogs.  We hope that with your support we can continue to help any dog in real need.  This has always been our Shelter Director Jessica Garibays' real vision for the shelter.  

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Please go to the Go Fund Me link to donate to this worthy cause