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Brooklyn's All Natural is a delicious and nutritious brand of dog treats and foods that are all-natural– just the right thing you’d want for your pooches. 


Richard Callens and his partner, Carina Candela, moved to Puerto Vallarta for its welcoming weather back in 2008, Richard coming in from cold Kalamazoo, Michigan, and Carina coming from Oaxaca. Richard was the first of his family to bring up and begin the work of creating all-natural dog foods and treats, introducing it to his family members as a much healthier alternative. Sometime after introducing natural food and treats to their own personal lives, they began a business in 2013. Brooklyn's All Natural started up and began selling all-natural dog treats, such as dehydrated pig ears, chicken legs, and various other animal parts- sounds tasty, doesn’t it? Well, maybe not, but your dogs would love it! 


Feeding your pets a natural diet, in comparison to store-bought, heavily processed has been shown to have many positive effects. Natural foods can give your dog a boost in energy, immune system function and overall health, as well as helping your pet maintain a healthier weight. 

You wouldn’t feed a baby processed junk food every day, would you? Wouldnt you want to give them the best nutrition you could? Well, you should do that for your pets, too- they cant take care of themselves so it’s extremely important you give them the best diet you can. Brooklyn's All Natural will be at the Magic Market every week on Thursdays from 5 to 10 PM, do what’s best for your dog, feed them well.


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