Love animals? Help out in our non-profit Animal Rescue association in Puerto Vallarta

Pets and Vets
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We are looking for people in their twenties and thirties that want to do something special and worthwhile.

We are rescuing stray, abandoned, abused, or surrendered animals, help heal them, vaccinate them, sterilize them and then re-homing them.

You must love all Animals and the outdoors and not be afraid to get down and dirty.

We have a B&B where some animals are kept where we need help to care for and at the same time help out with guests at times.

What we offer is free room and board and some pocket money to help with personal things.

We do prefer longer stays (at least 2 or 3 months) due to the well being of the animals, less stress with the changes.


We are a small rescue and we rely on the volunteers a lot so the people applying do have to be very committed to the animals and their welfare!

Unfortunately we have had several instances with volunteers where it has not worked out and we have had to ask them to leave. Unnecessary inconsistency is very bad for our dogs so we must ask that you PLEASE do not apply if you are more interested in living for free near the beach than in the dogs! We understand that it’s tempting when living in paradise but if you want a holiday please choose a more suitable workaway i.e. a hostel.
The dogs always come first!

WE LOVE: team players, motivated people who can take initiative! We can’t always tell you exactly what to do, if you see a poop - pick it up!

Type of help
Cooking / shopping
Help in the house
Animal care
Helping with Tourists
Charity work
Help with Computers / internet

Late this summer we will have 3 locations that you will be working at:
1)The Official rescue place in the City
2) The Studio
3) The B&B

The new location is where we need the most help. Here we try to have 3-4 volunteers at all time. This is where the Dogs come first to be checked out. The help required here is the most important and most demanding. A day there consists of cleaning chores, feeding, walking the dogs, administering the meds. There is no typical day! One day there might be lots of free time after morning food/walks/meds and before evening food/walks/meds, but the next day might be totally full of emergency vet visits. No two days look the same!

Some dogs have to be walked alone and some can be together so this might take a couple of hours. We also have cats so feeding them as well of course.

The new location under construction still is close to the beach but up the hill so the walks are on uneven a bit steep gravel roads, so you will get some excercise! The afternoons are used to socialize the dogs with each other, getting used to people etc. (Most of the dogs are street dogs) Maybe take some dogs to vet some days or dogs to the beach or do city walks for training.

All dogs have a second walk and feeding in the evening. We do ask that the volunteers take a dog or two (or three :D) at night in their room so that they get used to living in a normal house getting house trained and crate trained.
We have 2 ATVs and 2 vehicles that can be used at times.

The Studio is where 1-2 volunteers takes either 1or 2 dogs to be trained more one on one like it will be in a home when they are adopted.

A day here looks a lot like this: Wake up, take the dog(s) out right away for the morning walk, feeding and then if necessary (Rarely happens) come up to the B&B to help out there. (25 min.walk)

Rest of the day is beach or city or maybe hikes etc. with the dog(s) you are responsible for at this location.
We encourage that the dog(s) are brought to bars, restaurants etc. to exspose them to as many new situations as possible and Puerto Vallarta is very dog friendly and dogs are allowed in many public places. This is really where you get to know the dogs one on one and each dog gets a tracking sheet describing them more in detail to help find the perfect match looking for their forever family.

For example how are they with other dogs? Kids? Good in crate? Playful? How do they walk on leash? How is their recall? Toy aggressive? Things like that.

The B&B also has a few volunteers. We have ourself 6 dogs but take in the really sick or blind ones, or the ones needing swim training for example and need more attention. (This is why help from the Studio Volunteer might be needed at times).

Here too is a normal day wake up, walk dogs, feed them and keep them company. Here also a typical day is bring a dog or two to the beach, hike up the river or along the beach, go to cafès, restaurants etc.

We try to rotate the volunteers between the places too spending some time at each location.

For this volunteer position we offer free room and board and stipend to cover the most necessary.

We also go out and have Fun-Days and dinners together (We of course pay for this).

If this is something that you think that you want to join us in doing, please contact us. We would love to have you come and join the team! 

Ted, Brischa and the Zooo

Languages spoken
English, Swedish, Spanish and Norwegian

Normally 1 per room but max 2 in separare beds.
Studio 1 unless a couple.

What else ...
Puerto Vallarta is a beach town with great weather all year round and offers all water activities as snorkeling, boating, whale watching, diving, swimming with dolphins, fishing and many more, as well as canopy tours, Botanical garden, Zoo and as we are surrendered by the Sierra Madre mountains there's hiking, biking and countless other activities.

The Malecón (Boardwalk) lined with art statues is a great place to stroll day or night time with great restaurants, bars and many clubs.

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Source: workaway.info