A Better Art Market

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Puerto Vallarta's Culture every Thursday at Marina.

Since 2016, ART MARKET has become the ideal space for international culture. Every Thursday from 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm the cultural tianguis takes place with all its beauty.

The bohemian style it acquires thanks to the Marina Puerto Vallarta's boardwalk gives it a singular peculiarity.

It is so big that it completely covers the entire boardwalk, with around 150 stalls with products ranging from organic to industrial, from international handicrafts to international artwork.

Undoubtedly, an excellent option to enjoy a walk and learn about different cultures.

In ART MARKET you can find alternative natural medicine, Mexican handicrafts, organic honey brought from professional beekeepers who take care of the bees.

You can also see handmade clothing, plants, shoes, glasses, traditional food from various countries, a variety of cheeses, bread, desserts and sweets from around the world.

If you arrive early you can enjoy a very quiet and friendly walk, but with plenty of sunshine. If you arrive after 7 pm the atmosphere will be very bohemian, magical and even mystical.

You will enjoy live music that will make you live unforgettable moments. ART MARKET is a project organized by the Association of neighbors of Marina Puerto Vallarta and has been so successful that some Mexican States have implemented the same project in their own boardwalks; and the fact is that international coexistence links the hearts of the world and helps us to become aware that we are all brothers, even if we were born in different nations, we will always be one single heart.

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