Aloe, The Best Known African Medicine In Mexico.

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The most used plant for personal hygiene products.

Incredibly the Aloe Vera plant is as old as mankind itself, there are even Chinese and Sumerian writings dating back to 3000 BC. A plant with so much history and that has cared for humanity since ancient times, reciprocally has been cared for by most of the civilizations that have existed and that exist.

Its origin is African, specifically from the Arabian Peninsula, even its name "Aloe" comes from the term "Alloeh" which means: "Shiny and bitter substance"; in Mexico it is known as Aloe which comes from the Arabic term "Çabila" which means: "Thorny Plant".

It is said that Christopher Columbus, the traveler who found the American lands, always carried this plant on his long voyages and even the famous phrase "All is well, we still have Aloe Vera on board" is attributed to him.

In colonial times the plant was imported into Mexican lands and since then its roots have traveled through much of the territory until it is as popular as grass, but with a big difference, Aloe Vera contains more healing properties that a large part of Mexican grandmothers know and apply in daily life.

Its uses range from strengthening defenses, cleansing the eyes, cures constipation, prevents infections, prevents hemorrhoids, helps with intestinal disorders, is healing, laxative and helps to level the bile as a function of the liver, among many other healing uses, support for deep wounds or third degree burns.

Due to so many properties of this plant, the beauty industry has set its eyes on it, and since two decades ago the production of products with Aloe Vera has increased by 200%, that is why we find shampoos, gels, creams, toothpastes, sunscreens, hair treatments, ointments, conditioners, styling creams, shaving creams, among other products. But in recent years what has been promoted the most are energy drinks with Aloe Vera.

Curiously, a beautiful Aloe Vera plant, known in the industry as Aloe Vera, is a must in a traditional Mexican home.

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