Businesses Increased Their Sales On A Day Of Romance And Love

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Businesses offered a wide variety of options to customers this February 14.

Businesses, restaurants, bars, spas and stores in general -such as flower shops, chocolate shops, gift stores, jewelry stores and department stores- increased their sales in Puerto Vallarta with the celebration of the Day of Love and Friendship, celebrated this Monday, February 14th. Businesses of various commercial lines offered a great variety of options to customers, who had the opportunity to choose what they liked the most to celebrate this date. It is worth mentioning that since last Friday there were already promotions offering discounts on products and items for couples.

Yesterday, Vallartenses and even national and foreign tourists in the destination enjoyed meals, dinners, complimentary cocktails, picnics on the beach, boxes of chocolates, brownies or cookies, massages for couples and gifts in general. The commercial sector sought to take advantage of the impulse to consumption represented by this type of dates, particularly Valentine's Day or Love and Friendship Day, which motivated couples and groups of friends to go out. These outings were either for breakfast, lunch or dinner in the city's restaurants, bars or nightclubs, which, this Monday, had more customers than usual. Businesses have been favored by the presence of tourists from different parts of the world, who are currently vacationing in this port and who came to celebrate this special date, which is celebrated every February 14th. This date is celebrated all over the world.