Chistmas Traditions in Sayulita

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HPIM4376frontSayulita has begun the Christmas celebration; the town is now decorated with Mexican streamers and piñatas hanging above the streets and the occasional Christmas tree can be seen set up in storefront windows.

"Navidad" in Sayulita is the time of year when friends and family get together, host Posadas (traditional Mexican Christmas parties), decorate their homes with the nacimiento (nativity scene), attend mass and sing songs.

Typically Christmas in Sayulita and Mexico is less commercialized and based more on seasonal traditions, quality time spent with family and remembering the birth of Christ. The festive, colorful Christmas parties, known as Posadas are an important part of Christmas for families in Sayulita. Posadas begin around December 16th continuing to Christmas Day and usually entail plenty of food such as tamales and pozole (a hearty pork and hominy soup), also desserts like buñuelos, fruit cake, candies and the most famous Mexican custom; piñatas. Ponche is a delicious Christmas fruit punch served hot with added rum that you will most certainly find at any Sayulita Christmas posada. Keepsake party favors are usually given out to the guests at posadas and are usually handmade items, ornaments or bags of candies.

In Sayulita the main Christmas dinner with friends and family takes place on Christmas Eve, December 24th to ring in Christmas Day, beginning at midnight. Midnight is the time to hug and kiss loved ones, wishing them a very Merry Christmas. Christmas celebrations that begin on the 24th go through until the early hours of the morning on December 25th. Dinner is usually served quite late, perhaps even at midnight. Family members may take turns visiting different relatives' homes and sharing several meals throughout the night. Gifts are exchanged at midnight as well. Children are excited to receive their presents at midnight, however many of their gifts are still to come on Kings Day, January 6th. It is not Christmas in Sayulita without traditional Banda music, a popular music genre in Sayulita described as Mexican Country Folk music. These lively bands also play throughout the night. Dancing and fireworks may last until 5 AM Christmas Day. December 25th in Sayulita is a time to sleep off the festivities from the night before, enjoy leftover foods and just be with family.

As Sayulita is such a multicultural, tourist town, it is easy to find an array of Christmas traditions shared among the local and foreign residents and our many vacationers who visit Sayulita during the holidays. Sayulita offers diversity and a mix of Christmas customs and traditions. Although not a prominent part of Mexican Culture, certain "gringo" customs have been adopted in Sayulita such as Santa Claus, Christmas trees and even traditional turkey dinners, served at select Sayulita restaurants. No matter what your personal celebrations are, Sayulita has a lot of spirit and wondrous energy this festive time of year.

¡Feliz Navidad!

Source: El Sayulero