City Hall Offices Will Remain Closed

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On Friday, May 6, as it is a day off contemplated in the Public Services Law.

The different offices of the municipal government of Puerto Vallarta will remain closed next Friday, May 6, according to Ramon Sergio Lopez Rodriguez, Administrative Officer of the City Hall.

He commented that the operative offices such as Fire, Police, Transit, Public Services and Civil Protection will maintain their activities as normal, so as not to neglect any of the services provided by the municipal government.

The official explained that according to the Law of Public Servants of the State of Jalisco and its Municipalities, May 5th is established as a non-working day, in commemoration of the Battle of Puebla.

However, on that date the agencies will maintain normal work, changing the day off to Friday, May 6, in order to resume their daily work on Monday, May 9, with normal business hours both in the presidency and in the Municipal Administrative Unit (UMA).

It was clarified that only the passport office will suspend activities on Thursday, May 5 and will open on Friday, May 6, due to previously scheduled appointments, so citizens will not be affected in the application and issuance of their passports.

According to Article 38 of the Law of Public Servants of the State of Jalisco and its Municipalities, it is stated that: Shall be considered as mandatory rest days.

January 1st, the first Monday of February, in commemoration of February 5th, the third Monday of March, in commemoration of March 21st, May 1st and 5th; September 1st and 28th; October 12th, November 2nd; the third Monday of November in commemoration of November 20th; December 25th.