Day of the Dead Festival Kicks Off on the Malecon

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As a Mexican tradition there will be music, fireworks and impressive skulls.

On the occasion of the Day of the Dead, a tradition that is celebrated year after year in Puerto Vallarta, there will be a series of activities on the Malecon that people and tourists can enjoy, such as all the sculptures of the dead along the Malecon, singers in the arches of the Malecon, as well as a stand where people can decorate their faces with images representative of the Day of the Dead. The catrina is 16 meters high, and is part of the Mexican culture, it is located near the arches area of the Malecon, being the main attraction for the tourism that is arriving to Puerto Vallarta this week. Among the activities that will be presented today there will be a charro parade at 5:00 p.m. on Mexico Avenue near the Ley store in downtown Puerto Vallarta.

In addition to a gastronomic display of pan de muerto at the Malecon Lighthouse at 6:30 pm. A mascot costume contest and folkloric dance at 7:00 pm. Then at 21:15 hrs. In the Municipal Presidency a mapping projection, as well as a DJ at 22:00 hrs. Among other activities as well as the rest of the week will be different activities allusive to this celebration. The night closed impressively with the projection of a mapping allusive to this celebration and a pyro musical show. It is worth mentioning that yesterday thousands of national tourists arrived by land, forming long lines on the highways that connect Puerto Vallarta to be with their families on the Day of the Dead. In the Malecon as well as in the Marina there are sculptures alluding to the catrina which attract the attention of foreign tourists.

Visitors From Las Vegas USA, Peter Moore and his wife and prother.

Visitors From Las Vegas USA, Peter Moore and his wife and prother.