May Festival

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Puerto Vallarta May Festivities 2023.

The Municipal Government of Puerto Vallarta announces the May Festival 2023 that will begin on May 19th and will end on June 4th.

For all the inhabitants of Puerto Vallarta, as well as tourists and foreigners who already live in this beautiful port and who also enjoy the culture and traditions, this is the best option to enjoy the popular festivities.

This celebration has its origin in a historical event, the second foundation of the Port.

After Guadalupe Sánchez Torres and his wife Ambrosia Carrillo founded Puerto Las Peñas, on June 5, 1918 it received the name of Puerto Vallarta, in honor of Ignacio Luis Vallarta, ex-governor of the State of Jalisco.

On May 31, 1996 the Puerto Vallarta Mixed Tourism Fund was created for the promotion of the Destination.

So based on these two dates, the Fiestas de Mayo Festival is actually a tribute to Ignacio Luis Vallarta and to the city itself.

The Festival will take place at the Vallarta Esplanade, on the way to the Puerto Vallarta International Convention Center.

In addition to the greatest concerts of traditional music, there will be mechanical games, handicrafts for sale, sporting events and a great variety of typical regional dishes.

Mexico's most important regional artists will be present at this Festival, such as Pancho Barraza, Julión Álvarez and Junior H, among others.

This Festival will have other cultural events that will help to fulfill the expectations of all the attendees who will be able to consult the official program of the events in the official pages of the Festival Fiestas de Mayo Puerto Vallarta.