Maundy Thursday

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The Representation of the Last Supper

Puerto Vallarta is culturally a spiritual city that deeply respects catholic traditions, and in these days of great national and international tourism we can observe that the Town continues with the representation of the last supper of Jesus, as well as the sacred washing of feet that continues to be very important and one of the most relevant events for the church in each colony of Vallarta.

Every year, people congregate to represent the symbolism of the last supper as an analogy of the daily meal in families, a moment of reflection and unity that strengthens the bonds of affection in every Vallarta family.

In the same way, the bread and wine represent the body and blood of God that is able to go through the human being to make it easier for him to return to being a natural, simple and straightforward person.

In the Church of the "La Aurora" neighborhood, the representation of the Last Supper and the washing of the feet, as well as the vigil of the Holy Sacrament, are organized every year.

With costumes, choreography and original songs; the members of the congregation organize themselves to make their best performance and represent their beliefs with solemnity and respect.

The representations will continue on Good Friday, Saturday of Glory and Easter Sunday, and then enter a period of reflection commonly known as Easter Week. Generally the representations begin at 7 pm and take place in the churches that are distributed in each colony of Puerto Vallarta.

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