"Plaza De Armas" In Puerto Vallarta.

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The Second busiest place in Puerto Vallarta.

Plaza de Armas, situated in the heart of Puerto Vallarta, nestled between Los Arcos del Malecón, the Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe, and the Municipal Presidency of Puerto Vallarta, stands as the second most bustling space in Puerto Vallarta. Its ever-beautiful and adorned Kiosk, a gazebo or pavilion in parks or gardens, typically open on all sides, has traditionally served various purposes, including hosting popular concerts. It is consistently decorated with specific themes and serves as an ideal space for mariachi or bands to perform concerts. The Arco group, in its early days, started playing in this space dedicated to art and culture.

Also known as the Main Square, it is adorned with lush trees and shrubs, benches, flower-filled planters, and splendid settings for taking photos every day of the year. The square features a monument to Ignacio L. Vallarta, a historically significant figure for the state of Jalisco, recognized for various contributions throughout his career as a lawyer.

This is a place where hundreds of adults gather twice a week to dance to Latin rhythms and listen to music. It is a favorite pastime of the people and one of the most attended activities as well. Live music is even contracted by the Municipal Government of Puerto Vallarta.

In the mornings, one can witness people feeding pigeons and other birds that have become accustomed to being fed by the locals. Tour guides can also be seen, without any monetary commitment, teaching tourists about the history of every corner of the city center, imparting the wisdom of the people to the friendly visitors.

In the evenings, food stalls are set up where you can find a variety of desserts and delicious Mexican dishes, from "garnachas" to more elaborate dishes like pozole. Throughout the year, you can also come across different special events such as the book fair, the "Madonnari" festival, some performances by the "Xiutla" Folkloric Ballet, as well as the traditional Independence Day shout on the night of September 15th.


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