The Christmas Stands Are Now Set Up In Pitillal.

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You can now enjoy the most comprehensive Christmas Sales Stands in Puerto Vallarta.

As December arrives, commerce expands to generate economic activity among the diverse members of the town. December is the month of Christmas, but it's also the month of festivities, posadas, and the most significant celebrations of the year. That's why everyone starts December by selecting gifts and taking advantage of the offers from the most prominent vendors, members of the informal commerce, catering to the local public of Puerto Vallarta.

Pitillal is one of the most important squares in the city, with a long history and a flow of both tourists and local residents. Throughout other months of the year, one can find all sorts of items in the area's shops, but in December, the entire Pitillal transforms into sales stands, allowing everyone the freedom to choose where, when, and what to buy for the various festivities.

Another attraction offered by Pitillal Square is the wide array of traditional food available, perfect for leisurely strolls and enjoying a pleasant walk. Those searching for gifts among the stands can also relish in snacks and meals such as "Salchipulpos," french fries, the classic "Elotes," Tamales, ice cream, shaved ice, diced fruit, traditional candies, and even sweets from different regions. This variety creates an atmosphere where anything can happen.

It's time to visit Pitillal to revel in a vast array of products, where you can find the best gifts for various celebrations, or simply stroll through the square to relish the delicious food sold in the plaza and its surroundings.

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