The Essence Of Thanksgiving: Gratitude In Everyday Life

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Thanksgiving Day holds the essence of gratitude, offering a doorway to its practice each day.

In the theater of life, we encounter special celebrations that present opportunities, such as Thanksgiving Day. Despite this, gratitude isn't something we embrace on a daily basis. Simply expressing thanks, in general, tends to be complicated, unusual, almost unthinkable. The rhythms and lifestyles we impose or choose often lead us to take everything for granted. From the most "normal" things like being able to see, taking a daily shower, relishing a bowl of hot soup, having electricity, or even breathing—these are often overlooked. Certainly, religious or spiritual communities encourage practicing gratitude frequently. However, exercising gratitude remains a challenge.

Hence, what a magnificent opportunity it is to practice it during the Thanksgiving Day dinner, whether gathered with family, alone, or among friends. Regardless of whether the table is abundant with food, modest, the turkey got burnt, or if the mood isn't for celebrations. Even if we come from a family that is less expressive, affectionate, or rather sarcastic, there will always be gifts that life offers for which we can be thankful. Our body, an incredible machine functioning synchronously, is one such gift. Imagine sipping wine, watching an NFL game, and smelling pumpkin pie baking in the oven—all at the same time.

Let's create it as a ritual, commencing tonight by sharing situations for which we are thankful. And why not expand it into our daily lives throughout the year? Let's open the door to allow gratitude to embrace us every day, with the energetic, emotional, and spiritual benefits that this simple action bestows.

To connect with the joy of giving thanks more steadfastly, how about expressing gratitude for three things or aspects when waking up and three before going to sleep? It's as simple as jotting them down in a notebook if preferred, expressing them aloud, or internally. Thank you for... the aromatic morning coffee, the sunlight streaming through the window, the goodnight kiss from my child, a smooth workday, or going for a walk... undoubtedly, there will be countless small situations, experiences, or actions for which to be grateful.

Shed light on life's beauty by acknowledging not only these small details but also in appreciating actions that strongly contribute to harmony, health, peace, and happiness—enhancing quality of life and fostering grateful hearts. Let this be a natural, expansive, and generous practice.

Lastly, I extend my wishes for homes and Thanksgiving celebrations in 2023 from Puerto Vallarta to radiate gratitude and infinite luminous blessings to the world.

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