The Most Famous Flower In Vallarta's Decembers

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The flower that adorns Christmas.

It might seem like just a decoration for nativity scenes and Christmas ornaments, but in reality, it means much more than that. The Poinsettia flower is a universal symbol of the most important event for the Catholic Church: Christmas.

The streets of Puerto Vallarta fill with street vendors displaying hundreds of pots and bouquets with the most beautiful flower of the season. Dozens of businesses throughout the city sell them in large quantities because, without a doubt, it is part of the idiosyncrasy and culture that homes, gardens, nativity scenes, and communal spaces be adorned with Poinsettias.

Since pre-Hispanic times, the Poinsettia was already used ceremonially on the altars of Tonantzin Tlalli, the Mother Earth Goddess. It was then a symbol of grandeur and majesty, as well as having medicinal uses, especially for women during lactation. The flower was considered a symbol of the renewal of life itself.

From Mexico to the world, today it is displayed in all territories where Christmas is celebrated. It is also known as Christmas Flower, Pastorita, Inca's Crown, Easter Flower, Federal Star, and Nadal Flower. Due to its beauty, it is, alongside orchids, one of the most sold plants worldwide. In 2022, Mexico produced 20 million plants, the USA 50 million, and Europe an enviable quantity of 110 million.

The Poinsettia is also a symbol of friendship. Since 2012, every December 8th marks National Poinsettia Day, aiming to highlight the beauty and significant cultural value that Mexico has given to the entire world. Thanks to this day, in Taxco, the cradle of Poinsettia production, an incredible display is created with thousands of Poinsettia plants.

In Puerto Vallarta, you can find this beautiful flower in every corner. Take advantage of its beauty and virtues to decorate your home, office, neighborhood, nativity scene, and even your street. May these December festivities be filled with Poinsettias.

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